Jul 10, 2024

7/10 Deals Have Landed (And They’re Running Through 7/14)

Happy 710, friends. If you’re wondering why today is special and why we’re talking about it, well, it’s honestly a bit of a silly answer.

You take 7/10….flip it upside down….it says OIL. Which is why today is the official holiday of cannabis oil and those of us who love it.

how to celebrate

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to celebrate – it’s a fairly niche holiday! Follow this simple rubric:

  • if you like vapes, AND
  • you shop in NJ
  • you can get some truly excellent deals.

excellent deals? say more.

that’s right. For a limited time (specifically, 7/10 – 7/14) @ participating dispensaries, you can get 15% *or more* off your favorite Fernways.

Scroll to see who’s got the good deals – and scroll to the bottom to find out who’s offering even better deals.

15% off Fernway in NORTH JERSEY

15% off fernway in CENTRAL JERSEY


15% off fernway in SOUTH JERSEY

…and some even better deals


Let’s celebrate and save – what’s not to like? Have a happy 7/10 and remember to Savor Every Moment.

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