Feb 18, 2022

Fernway Included In BDSA’s Top 5 Cannabis Brands In Nation To Watch In 2022

BDSA, the leading provider of market research solutions for the cannabis industry, has named Fernway as one of the top 5 cannabis brands in the nation to watch in 2022. The Northampton-based cannabis brand attained the number one spot in Massachusetts market share for the vape cartridge category as of November 2021.

“Fernway was ranked top five by dollar sales among MA vape brands for 2021,” says BDSA in their monthly Insights newsletter. “With consumer penetration in East Coast markets such as Maryland and Massachusetts rapidly growing, brands in these markets have a key opportunity to capitalize off new consumer growth. Some of the top brands in these East Coast markets are already displaying a unique level of brand strength, with the ability to command a higher price than competitors, and quickly jump into new markets and see strong sales.”

After launching in February 2021, Fernway has quickly become Massachusetts’ fastest-selling cannabis vape brand and is the market leader in the vape cartridge category. Fernway products – which feature premium terpene blends, custom vape hardware, and widely acclaimed packaging – are currently carried by more than 120 dispensaries.

“I’m proud of all that the team has accomplished in such a short time,” says Fernway CEO and co-founder Kit Gallant. “This is a sign that Fernway’s unique best-in-class products and our brand message – that cannabis makes the good life even better – resonate strongly with consumers.”

Please direct all media requests to Liam O’Brien at press@fernway.com.


Fernway is an adult-use cannabis vape brand based in Northampton, Mass. We create exceptional cannabis vapes for people who celebrate the good life: good food, good music, good scenery, and good company. By combining premium custom hardware, exceptional terpenes and high-purity cannabis oil we bring you the best-in-class vape cartridge you deserve. We believe cannabis makes the good life even better, and as passionate cannabis consumers we’ve learned how a cannabis vape can elevate good experiences into great ones. And we want to share that with you. Our vapes deliver undeniable style and outstanding flavor. Each one meets our uncompromising quality standards so you can choose Fernway with confidence and focus on savoring every moment.

To learn more, visit fernway.com and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

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