Mar 28, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Fernway, Massachusetts’ Number One Vape Company, Expands to Flower

Hey friends. We just issued an official press release celebrating the big news you might have already heard. Check it out below!


Fernway will bring customers best-in-class smoking experience with premium flower and terpene-infused joints

Northampton, Mass. – March 28, 2023 – Fernway, the number one cannabis vape brand in Massachusetts, has expanded to flower. The company announced today it is now manufacturing and selling terpene-infused joints, as well as curating and selling the best flower in the state to provide customers with a superior smoking experience.

“In just two years, we have proven to consumers that we know high quality and consistently deliver the best products,” said Kit Gallant, CEO and co-founder of Fernway. “Now, we’re taking our expertise in creating best-in-class vapes and bringing it to our new line of flower products.” Fernway’s flower exceeds the highest standards in quality, freshness, look and smell. While the current norm is for cannabis companies to grow their own and sell their own, Fernway is approaching the challenge of growing and selling ultra-premium cannabis in a unique way: by going out and finding the best flower the state has to offer. This effort, driven by Fernway’s Product and Quality Teams, leverages Fernway’s many relationships with small and independent growers in Massachusetts to bring the best buds from the best strains directly to customers.

“The decision not to grow our own weed was very thoughtful,” said Gallant. “We’re intentionally not growing so we can always bring cannabis connoisseurs the best. The team and I are on the road daily, working with our grower network to source the highest quality flower. In doing so, we’re removing consumer uncertainty of going to a dispensary and figuring out the best strain on the menu. Fernway customers can rest assured they will only smoke the finest buds that the state has to offer.”

Fernway will provide this same level of quality with its terpene-infused joints, as the pre-rolls will contain:

  • High-potency, fresh-milled bud – never shake or trim
  • A reusable ceramic tip – the only in the state for joints – for a truly elevated smoking experience
  • The same delicious flavors of Fernway’s bestselling vapes; the joints are being debuted with four terpene blends: Berry Haze (Massachusetts’ #1 vape flavor), Mango, Blueberry Cake and Berkshire Gold

“To say we’re excited to bring our flower products to new and future customers would be an understatement,” added Gallant. “It’s hard to believe that just two years ago, four friends introduced a best-in-class vape product, and now we’re sharing this vision with everyone who enjoys premium flower and joints.”

Fernway’s joints and flower are now available in more than 172 dispensaries across Massachusetts, with plans to expand to New Jersey in Q3 2023.

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