Jun 4, 2023

Introducing Swag Anatomy: A Series About How Fernway Makes Cannabis Products Designed To Be Enjoyed

Introducing Swag Anatomy.

This is a brand new series where we go deep into the how and why of Fernway’s design process.

We’ll take you through the materials we choose, the creative ideals we hold dear, and the impacts of our choices to define what ‘swag’ truly means to us.

We believe it’s not just about looking good…it’s about putting in the confident work to add a little more joy to people’s everyday life.

Our first subject in this series is:

the Fernway Matchbox.

Black and white photo of several Fernway accessories - an ashtray, a grinder, and the box of matches.

We were eager to premiere the Fernway Matchbox at the same time as Fernway Joints and Fernway Flower. That’s because we always take the holistic path to improving your cannabis experience, creating and offering up new ways and means to improve every aspect of your sesh.

To say it another way – if Fernway offers you something to smoke, you can rest assured we’ll be right there to offer you a light, too.

Slow-burning white pine, combined with our signature black-on-black color motif, balances quality with elegance for a design choice that’s all about setting the mood. The off-black of the match head and the deep shine of the wood fiber look – to say it simply – nice as hell. They’re an aesthetic you might associate with luxury vehicle interiors or designer furniture. We want you to strike one of these matches and have that just feel good.

Black and white photo diagram of the Fernway matchbox with lines pointing to the various design features described in this post.

That’s why we had them custom cut it to an extralong 76.2mm (aka 3 inches). With a longer striking surface (which is technically sable black, for those curious) and a more substantial than average match head, you get a smooth and satisfying strike and a breeze-proof ignition.

Gif of someone striking a Fernway match.

Finally, we selected a sturdy but flexible grade of 300gsm black cardstock for the frame, and added a satin finish, spot UV and spot deboss on the logos for some more subtle touches of luxury. The grain of the cardboard is fine and consistent, ensuring a smooth and premium feel the moment you pick it up.

Black and white photo diagram of the back of the Fernway matchbox with lines pointing to the various design features described in this post.

The longer design carries another purpose – it actually nudges you to savor every moment. Because you get a robust but lingering flame – giving you time to also light a candle or two, maybe some incense, or another joint – it opens up newly enjoyable possibilities in what could be an otherwise rote or mundane task.

Photo of a hand ashing a Fernway joint into a Fernway ashtray, next to a Fernway matchbox, a Fernway Flower jar, and a rolling tray with some loose cannabis on it.


In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to break down our products, their design choices, and the impacts of our work. We’re excited to share this journey with you, to give you a glimpse into the anatomy of our swag. All these little things may not matter to some, but they may matter to us. Because you deserve the best.

Stay tuned.

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