May 26, 2023

Quick PSA: How To Unbox Your Fernway Joints

For all of you who are ready to savor every moment and light up a Fernway – you’re not alone. Fernway Joints are everywhere, and we’re incredibly excited to see them making their way into hands and seshes around the state.

So we wanted to provide a little public service announcement about how to properly unbox your Fernway joints so that you get the best experience from the very beginning.

step 1: uncap & gently shake the jar

We keep our joints packed neatly into luxe reusable (and recyclable) glass jars, so they don’t get exposed to light or air until they’re ready to smoke. To get one out, first uncap the jar and gently shake it so the ceramic tips peek out.

step 2: remove one joint at a time

This is key. Always take them out one at a time, because it prevents joints from getting caught on each other or worse – tearing apart.

DON’t: shake the jar too hard

If you shake it too hard, you might end up damaging one (or more) of your joints. Remember, this is ultra-thin rice paper – it’s great for smoking because it provides great flavor and burn quality, but it’s delicate!

DON’t: pull too hard on joints to get them out

Like we said – nobody wants a broken joint. Yeah sure you can re-pack it into a new cone, but we’d rather you avoid such inconveniences in pursuit of good times.


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