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Here's how you play - and win - the Golden Tiger sweepstakes.
Introducing the Fernway Traveler.
The ultimate cannabis pocket vape.
Welcome to the party - meet Pineapple Funk.
"By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you." —Kendrick Lamar
Step into the clouds with Mountain Girl.
A strain that’s perfect for those hidden-away scenic views, spirited forest walks, and standing at the edge of something incredible.
Meet Mandarin Orange: Like sunshine in a vape.
Let the sunshine in.
Fernway Included In BDSA's Top 5 Cannabis Brands In Nation To Watch In 2022
BDSA, the leading provider of market research solutions for the cannabis industry, has named Fernway as one of the top 5 cannabis brands in the nation to watch in 2022. 
Meet Snow Dog: Your new best friend
Get excited for Snow Dog!
Hey, what's the origin of the name Fernway?
Fernway is inspired by fernweh - a word that means "the longing for faraway places", or "the opposite of homesickness". We love this idea so much because it's deeply resonant to our experiences with cannabis. It’s the feeling that moves us to explore new things, and to experience the familiar with a new perspective.
Listen to our co-founder on Cannachick's Podcast
Our co-founder and CMO Liam O'Brien recently sat down with Leah Babroudi on Cannachick's podcast, and you won't want to miss this episode. 
What You Need To Know About Vapes
Vapes are a great way to consume cannabis. But if you don’t know much about vapes, that’s okay - they’re still a pretty new innovation. People have been smoking and eating cannabis for thousands of years, but vapes only became popular in the last decade. Now, they’re everywhere.