Product Info

All our cartridges are made with high-purity cannabis oil and terpenes. For our Strain Collection, we use terpenes harvested from fresh cannabis to deliver a genuine cannabis flavor profile. For our Flavor Line, we use terpenes harvested from other botanicals – like fruits and herbs – to deliver delicious natural flavors.

There are approximately 150 average-size (3 second) hits per half-gram cartridge, and 300 average-size hits per full-gram cartridge.

Two things:
High-purity distilled cannabis oil and
2) terpenes, which are aromatic compounds produced by cannabis and other plants. That’s it. No fillers, no shortcuts, no nonsense.

Yes. All our products are thoroughly tested by state-certified labs to detect any trace impurities –  microbes, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and vitamin E acetate – before they ever go on shelves. You can request your Fernway product’s Certificate Of Analysis at your local dispensary.

Yes. It’s unsanitary and unsafe to reuse cartridges. Attempting to remove our signature mouthpiece will destroy the cartridge.


You can buy our products at dispensaries all over Massachusetts – head to our Store Locator to find out where. If you’d like to be notified about new dispensary drops, please follow us on Instagram and sign up for our email list.

No. Right now, state law only allows us to sell our products in licensed dispensaries. However, your local dispensary may allow you to place pre-orders for pickup online.

No. Fernway is only available in Massachusetts right now.

No. Instead, we partner with Massachusetts’ best dispensaries. That lets us focus on what we do best – making exceptional vape cartridges for people who celebrate the good life.

Product Tips

Store your cartridges upright in a cool place out of direct sunlight. This will keep your oil fresh for longer and help to prevent leaking and clogging. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your cartridges upright, try using the base of your Fernway box!

First, determine whether your cartridge is clogged. Put your lips to the mouthpiece and inhale gently. If you don’t feel air flowing through the cartridge, your cartridge is clogged.

If your cartridge is clogged: Gently heat the cartridge by using the preheat cycle on your Fernway battery. Press the button twice and wait 15 seconds for the lights to turn off. If you are using a different battery, you can gently warm the cartridge by holding it in your hand, using a hair dryer, or just by holding down the battery’s button. Never place your cartridge in the microwave or directly on a hot surface.

If your cartridge isn’t clogged, but there’s no vapor coming out: Clean the contact plate on your battery with a Q-tip or small piece of cloth and some rubbing alcohol to get rid of any dirt or dust that might be disrupting the flow of current.

If you’re still having problems: Contact the retailer where you bought the cartridge for further assistance.

Yes. While our cartridges are optimized for Fernway batteries, they will work with most 510 batteries. Simply screw the threaded base onto a battery and enjoy.

We find that a 3-second draw is a great place to start. Don’t pull too hard, because that can lead to clogging. Make sure to wait 15 minutes to feel the effects before taking another hit.

Once you turn your battery on, press the button 3 times to change the power level from low (green) to medium (blue) to high (red).

That all depends on what you’re looking for in your vapor experience! A hit using the low (green) power setting will emphasize flavor. A hit using the medium (blue) power setting will create a balanced hit. If you’re looking for maximum vapor production, try the high (red) setting. We recommend starting with the green setting if you’re new to vapes.