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Fernway is a recreational cannabis vape brand based in Northampton MA that launched in 2021

• Our core belief is that cannabis makes the good life even better.
• Fernway is available in over 150 stores across MA.
• We are the fastest-selling vape brand in the state.
• Our name is inspired by the concept of “fernweh”, which means the longing for faraway places.
• We only make vapes - and nothing else - so we can deliver a best-in-class product every time.



• No other brand elevates flavor like Fernway.
• Our Flavor Line vapes are made with proprietary natural terpene blends developed in-house. Each flavor is unique to Fernway, and every one hits a different note.
• Our Strain Collection vapes are made with ultra-premium cannabis terpenes harvested from fresh, sungrown whole flower.


• Customers looking for a distillate vape want a pure and potent product, and that’s exactly what they’ll get from a Fernway vape.
• All of our vapes are 80% TAC or above.


Enjoying Fernway

• We recommend customers start with one 2-3 second hit, see how they feel, and then try another hit if they feel like it.

• The product has a shelf life of one year and should be stored upright out of direct light and heat.

• All our vapes are made with high-purity distilled oil that we source from a network of partners. These partners use a variety of extraction methods including ethanol, Co2, and hydrocarbons. All of the oil used in our products meets our exacting quality standards for color, clarity, potency, and purity.