How To Recycle Your Vapes With Fernway

Recycle your finished Fernways and help create a greener future.

It's easy. You return them to the store, we’ll handle the rest.

in 2022 we started the east coast’s first and only cannabis vape recycling program.

Why Recycle Your Vapes?

About 95% of the world’s rechargeable batteries get thrown away in household trash and end up in landfills. We want to change that.

Recycling your Fernway vapes allows their valuable component materials such as surgical-grade steel, cobalt, lithium, and nickel to safely reenter the supply chain, supporting the circular economy and reducing waste.

When you recycle your finished Fernways, you’re:

  • Conserving Resources: Each vape recycled means less raw materials are needed for new ones.
  • Reducing Waste: Keep waste out of landfills, oceans and waterways.
  • Prioritizing Safety: Lithium ion batteries thrown out in regular trash can create a fire hazard.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Save Your Vapes: Stow your finished Fernways until the next time you go to the dispensary. If you’re not sure if your local dispensary participates in Fernway Recycling, head to our recycling finder.
  2. Drop Them Off: Visit one of our designated dropboxes – in dispensaries across Massachusetts – and ask your budtender how to drop off your used vapes.
  3. We Do the Rest: Our team collects them, and ensures all vapes are recycled responsibly through our partner Gaiaica.

Make a Difference with Fernway

When you join in our vape recycling program, you’re improving our world one vape at a time.

Ready to start recycling your Fernways? Find your nearest Fernway dropbox today.

Find Recycle Locations

Thanks for choosing to recycle your vapes.

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