Dec 4, 2023

Fernway’s Holiday Gift Guide: You Deserve The Best

This year, give your favorite people everything they need to make the good life even better, and to look great while doing it.


Floral Crewneck – $60.00

This isn’t just another crewneck. It’s a cozy statement of style. The dusty pink hue and the thoughtful hand-sewn floral applique make it feel personal, a perfect blend of comfort and character.

Fernway Corduroy Snapback Cap – $25.00

This cap reimagines the classic snapback with a touch of corduroy charm. It’s the kind of accessory that brings a unique texture to any look – understated yet unmistakably stylish.

Fernway Color Block Hoodie (2023 Limited Edition) – $60.00

This hoodie breaks the mold with its patchwork design. It’s versatile yet unique – equally at home on a New England beach as it is on a mountain slope.

“You Deserve the Best” Light Bomber Jacket – $80.00

More than just a jacket, this piece is a blend of old-school cool and modern flair. It’s for those who like their style to speak volumes without saying a word.

Other cool stuff we like

We’re all about celebrating small businesses and unique finds, so we’ve chosen these items with a genuine appreciation for their quality and distinctiveness.

Evergreen Storage Solution (ESS Mini) – $18.40

A compact and clever solution for keeping your herbs in perfect condition. It’s practical, discreet, and a nod to the savvy connoisseur.

Audrey J Holder with 22k Gold Accents – $69.00

This holder is a slice of luxury. For those who appreciate the finer things, it’s a graceful way to elevate any moment.

Iridescent Skull Bong – $59.00

This bong turns heads with its striking iridescent finish. It’s a piece that blends artistic flair with functionality – a perfect gift for those who appreciate the unconventional.

BWFW Tote – $30.00

This tote stands for something. Each screen-printed bag is a canvas of creativity and a nod to the grassroots spirit. It’s not just about carrying things; it’s about carrying a message.

Smell Proof stash Bag by Cubbi – $39.99

Discretion meets style. This bag is a sleek solution for keeping things on the down-low, ideal for those who appreciate subtlety in their carry-ons.

GRAV® Gandalf – $31.99

This piece is all about making a statement in a most mystical way. It’s for those moments when you want to add a touch of Tolkien to your experience.

Stona Walnut Grinder – $141.20

This piece redefines the grinding experience. It’s for the aficionado who values precision and a gentler touch to their herbs, in an exquisitely crafted package.

LĒVO II – $299.00

This machine is a dream for culinary cannabis enthusiasts. It’s about transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary, one infusion at a time.

Glass Fruit Pipe in Cherry by Edie Parker – $71.00

It’s whimsical, playful, yet undeniably elegant. This cherry-shaped pipe is a delightful fusion of fun and function, a sweet addition to any collection that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Drifter – Smell Proof Rolltop Backpack – $130.00

It’s the ultimate companion for the journeyer. Durable, discreet, and designed for the long haul, this backpack is ready for any adventure.

The Cannabis Taster – $29.99

For those who love to dive deep into their cannabis journey, this journal is a thoughtful way to document and reflect. It’s about savoring every experience and remembering every detail.

In this guide we’ve embraced the spirit of our brand – a celebration of life’s finer moments, a nod to the craft and creativity of independent businesses, and a commitment to bringing you top-quality goods that elevate your game.

Happy holidays from Fernway, and here’s to finding that just-right gift for everyone. 🎄🌿✨

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