Aug 30, 2023

Top 5 Spotify Playlists to Relax to with Fernway

Everyone’s cannabis experience is unique, but there’s something we can all agree on: Music sounds great when you’re high. That’s because cannabis acts on the auditory cortex of the brain. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably about to, or already enjoying some good cannabis – which means you need some good tunes to fully savor the moment. Kick back with our Spotify playlists, which are perfectly curated to pair with favorite Fernway. 


1. A Perfect High Playlist

Let’s start general. The Perfect High Playlist is where it’s at, no matter what you’re smoking, because it’s got something for everyone. Pair a strain like Tahoe OG or Black Triangle with the exquisite beats in the song “Weightless.” Or, enjoy the tasty flavor notes of of Peach Milano while you “Stay High” with Brittany Howard or get lost in all the feels with A$AP Rocky’s “LSD.”

2. Joints & Flower

Joints & Flower pulls together over three and a half hours of mind-expanding beats, peculiar easy listens, and quirky strings. Burning Commercial St. Kush nice and easy? “Burnin’ for You” is absolute fire. Getting lost with the ever-potent Strawberry Gary? “Home” by Bone Thugs is just the jam..

3. Hot Days, Cool Jams

Hot Days, Cool Jams is the playlist for those lazy days when you’ve got nothing pressing on the calendar. A lot of picks on this list fit in nicely with indicas like K Dynamite – thick, dreamy and heady.. Check out “Hot Wind Blows,” and, of course, “Dark Star Pt. 1” by the Grateful Dead for some throwback flavor.

4. Black Magic

A playlist built entirely around one of the top Fernway strains, Black Magic takes you onto a deep dive that lasts well past your first few hits.. The Black Magic strain is a fan favorite, and its followers can slip into songs like “Dream Weaver,” “Sweater Weather,” and – of course – “Black Magic” for a next-level experience where everything you feel and hear blends seamlessly together.

5. Friday Finally

It’s Friday. The week was long but it’s over. Time for some good music and good weed to kick the weekend off on the right foot. Friday Finally is that playlist. Pair this with your Berry Haze Fernway vape, and turn up “Doowutchyalike” from Digital Underground or “Keep Moving” by Jungle.

Good Music + Fernway = Bliss

Check out all the Fernway playlists on Spotify to find your groove to pair with your prized flower or vape!


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