Jan 3, 2024

Vape Pen Not Pulling? Here’s How to Unclog Your Cart

Ever been in the middle of a sesh and your vape just won’t pull? It’s annoying – but not irreversible. Let’s talk about how to fix a clogged cartridge. It’s easier than you think and will get you back to enjoying your favorite strain or flavor in no time.

Why Do Carts Clog Anyway?

Vape pens are simple and reliable, but sometimes they need a little TLC. Clogs can happen when the oil builds up and messes with the airflow. This could be due to frequent use, ambient heat, rapid temperature swings, or just letting your vape hang out on its side for too long.

How to Unclog Your Vape Carts

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Gently Heat the Cart

Use your vape’s pre-heat feature or give it a very brief moment under a hair dryer. This is like a mini spa treatment for your cart, loosening up the oil and making it easier to vape.

Try Pulling In Slowly

Slow, steady inhales can reduce the clog without making it worse

Scrape Oil Buildup

A paper clip can be a good last resort. Gently use it to poke through any oil hang-ups inside the mouthpiece. Just be gentle – if you poke too hard or dislodge the coil, it can disable the vape permanently.

Clean with Rubbing Alcohol

Cannabis oil can be extremely sticky, so use isopropyl and a soft cloth to remove any stickiness.

Preventing Vape Clogs

Clear Your Hit

After enjoying that flavorful puff, keep the airway clear by continuing to breathe in. This stops any vapor from condensing back into a pesky clog.

Savor Your Hits

No need to rush. Overheating or back-to-back sessions can flood your wick. Keep it chill and enjoy the moment.

Upright Storage

Store your vape upright to avoid messy leaks. Need help? Get one of our STYLUS stands for your desk or bedside table.

Storing Your Vapes

Keep your vape at arm’s reach in a spot with stable temps and low humidity. It’s all about balance.

Remember, a little care goes a long way in keeping your vape experience smooth and enjoyable. Stick with reliable carts, follow these tips, and you’re all set. And if you ever hit a snag, reach out to the seller or maker – they’ve got your back.

Happy vaping, and as always, savor every moment.

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