May 2, 2024

What’s Cannabis Rescheduling, And Why Is it A Big Deal?

This is a developing news story.

If you’re keeping an eye on cannabis news, you might have noticed a big announcement coming from the U.S. Justice Department. They’re proposing moving cannabis from a Schedule I to Schedule III controlled substance – aka, “rescheduling“.

This is the biggest shift in federal policy on cannabis since the War on Drugs started. Not only does this change the federal government’s stance on cannabis, it should also lead to positive change for consumers, businesses, and scientific research. Here’s how:

  • Easier for Businesses and Consumers: This change would simplify regulations for everyone from growers to dispensaries, potentially lowering costs and prices. Expect to see more innovation and variety in products too.
  • Boost in Research: Moving away from Schedule I will unlock a lot more funding and remove barriers to cannabis research. This means we can look forward to gaining a richer understanding of cannabis that will benefit recreational consumers and medical patients alike.
  • Better for Workers: Rescheduling could mean fewer employers conducting drug tests for cannabis use, reducing employment discrimination against cannabis consumers.

This shift could transform how cannabis is used, researched, and viewed in the U.S., reducing the cannabis stigma and increasing cultural acceptance. We’re excited about eescheduling because it underlines the simple truth: that cannabis makes the good life even better.


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