Dec 21, 2023

2023: Fernway’s Year In Review

It’s that time again. As you bid a fond farewell to 2023, take a moment to savor the highlights of Fernway’s journey through the last 12 months. Let’s think back on all the adventures, parties, product launches and new friends that defined the past year. Plus if you read to the end, you’ll get a sneak peek into what lies ahead…

2023’s New Product Drops

Lavender Dream hit menus in late January, and instantly enjoyed a super warm reception even in the cold winter weather. Its gorgeous combo of soothing lavender with a sweet vanilla finish became a hit, and it soon become one of our top sellers.

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But that was just us getting started. In April, we brought you our biggest product launch in years: Fernway Flower and Fernway Terpene Infused Joints.

We knew this was a big deal. We were going from your favorite cannabis vape brand to your favorite cannabis brand. That’s why we took our time to make sure our new offerings were complete equals to our vapes in quality, flavor & style.

We hunted down the best buds from the best growers in Mass, and by applying an industry-leading quality control process we ensured every eighth is top quality, no matter which strain you buy or store you visit. We developed the groundbreaking Fernway Cone, with its luxe ceramic tip and signature Fernway Seal, and we developed the perfect infusion of terpenes to ensure that classic Fernway flavor comes through in each hit.

Find Terpene Infused Joints  Find Flower

It can be challenging to remember the warm weather at this point in the year – but we coasted into spring and summer with the release of Alpine Strawberry, which evokes sublime, sun-ripened berries picked at peak freshness. This was also our very first flavor made available in all of our different flavor formats at the same time – cartridge, Traveler, and terpene infused joint. Based on your overwhelmingly positive reactions, we decided to capture that same magic with our next flavor drop.

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But before that, we introduced Space Queen, the latest indica to join the Strain Collection family. Its fascinating flavor profile of sweet tropical fruits with a dry herbal top note drew quick attention, and we were overjoyed to watch it take off.

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Fernway Joints

For all our friends longing for autumn vibes during those hot summer months, we brought back the season’s trademark flavor, Pumpkin Spice, in August. But this year it brought a friend, Honeycrisp. And when we said we wanted to capture the magic of the last drop – well, we did that and then some. Honeycrisp and Pumpkin Spice raced neck and neck over the course of the fall to win the top spot, and in the end Honeycrisp won the grand prize by a nose. It was such an impressive performance we decided we would make it available year-round.

Find Pumpkin Spice.  Find Honeycrisp

And for those of you who adored Fernway Flower but longed for the prerolled version – we got you. Last month we dropped Fernway Flower Joints – the ideal 1g joint for the discerning consumer, who knows all joints aren’t created equal. Once we started filling our signature Fernway Cones with the premium flower in our eighth jars, it was the perfect combo. Just as fresh, tasty and potent as the Fernway Flower you know and love, but with that added touch of convenience and comfort that only a perfectly packed cone can deliver.

Find Flower Joints

Finally, we dropped one last gift for you under the tree in December with Fernway Live Resin Travelers. Sporting that unbeatable combo of precision vapor and heat to help you savor your live resin to the fullest, these beauties come with a stunning all-over line drawing print and an assortment of your favorite Live Resin strains including Mochi, Buddha’s Hand, and El Dorado. Doing last-minute shopping? Grab a Live Resin Traveler for the person in your life who deserves the best.

Find Live Resin Travelers

Hello New Jersey!

A new Fernway era began in 2023: the year that Fernway officially expanded into New Jersey. We’ve been hearing all your many requests to bring the #1 vape in Massachusetts to the Garden State – and we were incredibly proud to fulfill those requests in October when we officially hit dispensary menus. And we were honored by your instant love and support. You can now buy Fernway all over NJ.

NJ has all those vitally important elements of life we always seek out  – exceptional culture, delectable food, gorgeous scenic beaches and forests, vibrant cities, and a welcoming community of cool people who deserve the best. If you’re a Fernway fan in NJ, welcome. We heartily recommend you become a Friend of Fernway to hear about what’s coming up next. Trust us – you’ll want to be in the loop, because we’re bringing some incredible new products to NJ in 2024…


Celebrating Community

Even with all the fun we had bringing you new Fernways, opening our NJ branch, and savoring the moment – the real heart of Fernway is and always will be our community. We’ll always treasure the dozens and dozens of events we threw in 2023. From intimate gatherings and busy weekend popups to larger-than-life afterparties, we’ve connected with you, sharing experiences and savoring every moment together.

To everyone who came through and celebrated with us, bringing your friends and family along for the fun and manifesting the spirit of the good life with us – you’re the best.


so. What Comes Next?

As we reflect on a year of growth and gratitude, we’re eager to step into the new year with even more innovative products, expanding horizons, and unforgettable experiences.

But at the beginning of this post, we told you there’d be a preview of 2024. So if you’re read this far, you’re in luck. 2024 will bring no end to adventure and excitement, and we can’t share all the details yet. But if you’re curious…

If you’re in NJ, get ready for Terpene Infused Joints and Full-Gram Fernways – plus a few more surprises.

If you’re in MA, you’ll want to keep an eye out for March. That’s when we’ll be dropping a revelatory new innovation, and this one’s for the experienced consumer. Want another hint? Email us at for a taste.

And for those of you in NY…we’ll see you soon.

Happy 2023. Let’s make 2024 even better.

-your friends at Fernway

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