Diamond Joints

Introducing Diamond Joints - made with premium flower infused with our award-winning terpenes, loaded with pure THC diamonds and rolled in prime kief.

Diamond Joints

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handcrafted for the experienced consumer.

First, premium cannabis flower is hand-selected, trimmed, and infused with Fernway’s signature terpene blends and crushed THC diamonds. After packing the supercharged flower into half-gram joints featuring the Fernway luxe ceramic tip, they’re painstakingly brushed with cannabis oil and finally rolled in a layer of fresh, prime kief. In total, each Diamond Joint takes approximately 3-hours to build.

experience the ideal infused sesh.

This is your invitation to a richer, fuller experience that celebrates all premium forms of cannabis rolled into one. You Deserve the Best.

For the experienced.

  • Premium flower – never shake or trim

  • THC diamonds – as pure as it gets

  • Prime kief – Quality you can see and taste

  • Your favorite terpene profiles – Accept no substitutes

  • Signature ceramic tip – Unmatched airflow & passability

  • Freshness cork – to preserve flavor

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