Oct 24, 2022

Breaking News: All Fernway vapes are now RECYCLABLE.

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that as of today, all Fernway vapes are now recyclable.


Back in July, we rolled out our Fernway Recycling Program to accompany the release of the Fernway Traveler. If you’ve recently visited a Fernway partner dispensary near you, you’ve seen our Recycling Dropboxes set out to collect everyone’s finished Travelers. Bring it back to the dispensary, drop it off in the box – simple as that.

Starting today, you will also be able to drop off your finished Fernway cartridges in the Dropbox. Are you a fan of our half-grams, full-grams, or our Travelers? You can recycle all of them. Just bring them back to the dispensary and drop them in the Dropbox.

A hand dropping a Fernway vape into a Fernway Recycling Dropbox.

Once you do, we handle the rest. We pick them up from the dispensary and our amazing partner GAIACA steps in to process the hardware down into reusable bulk material.

Not sure where the nearest Recycling Dropbox is? No worries – you can find that out on our recycling finder. Then, just head to the spot closest to you, and ask your budtender to point you to the Dropbox.


Since this is the only cannabis recycling program in Massachusetts, we need your help to spread the word. If you have friends or loved ones who love Fernway, please share this blog post and tell them how to recycle their vapes. It’s good for the earth, because it cuts down on waste. It’s good for you, because recycling is the future of the cannabis industry – and you can be one of the first people to play a part!

Plus, it’s another great excuse to stop into your local dispo. And who doesn’t want that?




It’s not safe to discard vapes – which contain steel, glass, and rechargeable batteries made from metals like lithium and cobalt – by throwing them in the trash, or in your household recycling. There’s a special process you need to go through in order to safely extract the recyclable material, and most recycling plants aren’t prepared to do that. So most vape consumers are left to search in vain for a way to recycle their vapes.


We’re here to help – by making that search as simple as stopping by your local dispensary. As the #1 vape brand in Massachusetts, we’re glad to do our part to create a more sustainable industry.

You shouldn’t have to choose between a best-in-class cannabis experience and being environmentally conscious. And now – you won’t have to.

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