Nov 30, 2022

Fernway Live Resin is finally here.

For years, you’ve been asking. And now, it’s arrived – the most anticipated drop in Fernway history.

Meet pure prestige cannabis for the best of times: Fernway Live Resin is finally here, featuring the unrivaled flavor and effects of the finest fresh cannabis.

Fernway Live Resin boxes stacked in a pile next to a Fernway Live Resin pen.

Introducing our four inaugural Fernway Live Resin strains:

  • Mochi (S): This sativa offers robust effects with exquisite floral and citrus notes.
  • Buddha’s Hand (S): A tantalizing sativa cross of Lemon Thai and Snow Lotus known for its densely frosted buds.
  • Rainmaker (H): Boasting a complex savory flavor profile, this hybrid is a true crowd-pleaser.
  • Black Triangle (I): Spicy, dank and powerful, this charismatic indica delivers a long and luxurious high.

A man wearing a velvet blazer and raising a Fernway Live Resin pen to his lips.

Fernway Live Resin cartridges are crafted with our trademark command of freshness and flavor. We carefully select superior small-batch strains, and our controlled low-temperature process ensures each cartridge contains that strain’s true essence.

Every nuanced flavor note, and every vibrant effect – so every hit tastes like pure luxury.

A Fernway Live Resin pen resting on a mirror.

Whether you’re stepping out in your newest stunning outfit, savoring a well-deserved win, or simply exploring the finer things, Fernway Live Resin is the perfect companion for investing in yourself.

We even made you the perfect playlist to soundtrack it.


When you choose Fernway Live Resin, you’re choosing to level up – and we couldn’t be more excited for you. Pick yours up at the closest Massachusetts dispensary today. 

A group selfie from some Fernway Live Resin fans.

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