Jul 7, 2023

Celebrate 7/10 With Fernway & Friends

Happy 7/10 – AKA “Oil Day” (hint: flip 7/10 upside down) to those who celebrate. It’s the day to give thanks for all things cannabis oil – and as your favorite cannabis vape, we of course have some very dope deals and programs running at your local dispos.

Read on to experience the 7/10 goodness near you! And if you don’t see a shop near you, don’t fret – we’ll be updating this post as our friends confirm their special deals, so watch this space.


The Heritage Club

*Get $5 off all Fernway vapes all day on July 10th*

Shop Boston



Fine Fettle

*Buy two vapes for 10% off or four vapes for 20% off*

Shop Rowley




*Buy two 0.3g Travelers and get $5 off your purchase*

Shop Salem




*Get two half-gram vapes for $40 / three half-gram vapes for $50*
*Get two full-gram vapes for $75 / three full-gram vapes for $100*

Shop Merrimack



Solar Therapeutics

*Get two half-gram Fernways for $80*

Shop Seekonk Shop Somerset Shop Dartmouth



Flower & Soul

*Buy a full-gram vape or equivalent and get a $1 Fernway terpene infused joint*

Shop Halifax




*Visit our 7/10 popup and get an exclusive Fernway vape bundle*

Shop Fairhaven




*Get 25% off all Fernway Products*

Shop Millis Shop Rehoboth



Apex Noire

*Get access to our exclusive 7th-floor popup if you buy any Fernway cartridge between 3:00-6:00PM on 7/10*

Shop Boston



Nature’s Remedy

*Get two half-gram Fernways for $75 – and we’re donating $1 to Millbury Senior Center for every Fernway vape sold on 7/10* 

Shop Millbury




*Get all your Fernway 20% off from July 10th- July 16th*

Shop Shrewsbury Shop Wareham



capital cannabis

*Exclusive 7/10 pricing + a DJ & food truck! Joint 2-packs for $14 and 5-Packs for $24. 0.3-gram Travelers for $30, half-gram vapes for $40, 0.7-gram Travelers for $49, and full-gram vapes for $59.*


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