Feb 22, 2023

Celebrating Two Years Of Making The Good Life Even Better

Dear Friends,

Wow. We can hardly believe it’s been two whole years since Fernway first landed on dispensary shelves.

You might not be able to believe it either. When we tell people we’re only two years old, they sometimes look shocked. “Really?” they say. “But it feels like you’ve been around so much longer!” 

Screenshots of various messages sent to Fernway by happy customers.

Hey, to be fair, it has been a highly eventful two years to say the least. In that time, we’ve seen Fernway blossom into the number one vape brand in the state. And we couldn’t have done it without you – our loyal friends and supporters.

Every time you chose Fernway, every time to chatted with us at a popup, every kind message or email you sent us, every time you took a chance on something new from Fernway – it’s all brought us here. We’re united around a simple but profound idea: that cannabis makes the good life even better. 

We want to take a moment to thank you for all your support, and take a look back on the last two years.

Our Flavor Line vapes were the first Fernways a lot of you tried – and they’re our first runaway hit. We spent years hard at work developing our proprietary flavors and our custom hardware. And during that time we held tight to a quietly radical belief that consistent delicious flavor, a clean potent hit, and and a cartridge built with equal parts style and performance could, with their powers combined, deliver a better vape. Now it’s two years in, and the Flavor Line still dominates the bestseller list because you share that belief too.

And because we don’t like to rest on our laurels, we created the Strain Collection. Our mission: deliver the satisfying hit our friends expect from Fernway, but this time incorporate the true flavors of the finest fresh cannabis. We took our signature selective and uncompromising approach to curating the Collection’s cannabis terpene profiles.

To put it more simply; we went out and found the purest, most flavorful sungrown flower, and brought back the flavor profile pulled right off the fresh buds. We wanted something for everyone – whether you like your cannabis loud or gassy or piney or citrusy. And not only did you all show up and make the Strain Collection our second big hit – our Red Headed Stranger vape was rewarded with the High Times Cup.

We entered 2022 feeling refreshed and ready to take on bigger opportunities. And spoilers, that’s exactly what we did. In 2022, we launched the Fernway Traveler, our revolutionary all-in-one vape. Just like we always do, we developed the hardware – inside and out – from scratch to be supremely simple and enjoyable.

And at the same time, we developed the first-of-its-kind vape recycling program and rolled it out to every corner of the state. We didn’t want yo to choose between sustainability and a great vape, so we set up a statewide network of recycling dropboxes to return your finished Fernways, so that they can get recycled and make Massachusetts even greener. 

And to round out 2022, we dropped Fernway Live Resin just in time for the holidays. From the moment we first came on the scene, we had friends asking us when we’d drop a Live Resin vape. We took our time developing Fernway Live Resin vapes because as always, we wanted to get every detail right.

We sought out and sourced only the tastiest and purest Live Resin from the most expert producers in the state, we redesigned our STYLUS with a calibrated low-temp setting to accommodate Live Resin’s unique flavor profile, and we gave our packaging a fresh look and feel. And even though it’s only been out a few short months, Fernway Live Resin is already everywhere and getting raves from customers – because you asked, and we answered,

And throughout these two years, you’ve grown too! Your cannabis journey’s just as important as ours. You’ve tried new products, new strains, and taken chances with us. And now, two years later, you’re more confident, more equipped, and most importantly – if someone asks who where to get the best weed from, you have an answer. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Here’s to many more years bringing you with best – because that’s what you deserve. We’re just getting started.

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