Jun 4, 2023

Elevating the Vibe: How We Unleashed the Perfect High Playlist Using ChatGPT

Gif of a person typing into ChatGPT requesting for them to make a playlist, and ChatGPT responding "We got you."

By now you’ve probably heard about ChatGPT, OpenAI’s cutting-edge language model. You might know that it’s ushering in a whole new wave of new apps and technology powered by AI.

You might feel a little uneasy or confused about the whole AI topic – and that’s okay, because there’s a lot to take in.

A screen recording of ChatGPT explaining how ChatGPT works as if the listener is a little high.

We decided to cut through the hype and try it ourselves. And when we did, we were delighted to discover how it revolutionizes the art of the playlist.

With a few steps, you can also use it to identify and sequence exactly the right songs for a truly curated high. Make ChatGPT your assistant to assemble the perfect sesh soundtrack, matched with whatever moods, styles and vibes you’d like.

A group of friends - two women and three men - lounge around a living room smoking, playing music, and chilling.

Here’s how we did it.

1. connect chatgpt to your spotify

The trick to this is using PlaylistAI, an innovative ChatGPT plugin that was originally designed to convert a snapshot of a music festival poster into a dynamic Spotify playlist. By integrating it GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced AI tool, PlaylistAI can spin up music compilations from AI prompts, and then turn them into playlists for anyone to enjoy.

Once you get access to GPT-4, install the PlaylistAI plugin. Follow the prompts to connect your Spotify playlist, open up a new chat, then get ready for the real fun to begin.

2. give chatgpt your first prompt

You run ChatGPT by typing commands, or “prompts”. (There’s ways to optimize or engineer your prompts so that you get better answers faster, but that’s a bigger topic.) Right now, you just want to get started. Here’s an example of a prompt, and how ChatGPT might respond. Remember, you can talk to it like it’s your assistant, and you can be choosy. This is your vibe, after all.

Screen recording of ChatGPT starting to draft a playlist to get high to, based on a descriptive text prompt.

3. refine & sequence

Now it’s time to refine the prompt and deliberately sequence the playlist so it fits perfectly with your sesh. You can:

  • Prompt ChatGPT to dial up the excitement by adding faster songs, or to chill out by adding slower songs
  • Prompt ChatGPT to switch out any particular songs that you aren’t feeling right now, and replace them with similar songs
  • Prompt ChatGPT to go deeper on a particular artist, genre or album
  • Prompt ChatGPT to group songs with similar BPM (beats per minute) or musical key, or alternate songs between slow tempos and fast
  • Prompt ChatGPT to shorten or lengthen the playlist depending on your schedule
  • Prompt ChatGPT to showcase more artist diversity, or include more obscure groups and artists for you to discover at the perfect moment

It’s okay if ChatGPT doesn’t knock it out of the park on the first response. That’s because for all its sophistication, it still requires your tastes and preferences to guide it to the best result.

Screen recording of ChatGPT iterating on the playlist to get high to, based on a text prompt that provides instructions on how to alter and refine the playlist so it's better.

4. publish your playlistai-powered soundtrack to spotify

When you feel like it’s ready, just prompt ChatGPT to publish the playlist to Spotify. And in seconds – there it is.

Gif of the playlist populating in your Spotify profile.

Seriously, this is the actual playlist!

So when you’re ready to get high and in need of a personalized soundtrack, don’t forget to try out PlaylistAI and ChatGPT. Enjoy your music, keep the good vibes going, and let ChatGPT do the work while you’re busy savoring every moment.

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