Nov 28, 2022

Fernway hardware: satisfying by design.

We custom design all our products so we can guarantee a best-in-class cannabis experience. And that starts with our premium vape hardware.

By combining high-grade materials and thoughtful design, our hardware stands out wherever you find it. And Fernways are the only recyclable vapes in Massachusetts – so you can always choose both sustainability and quality.


Massachusetts’ favorite vape cartridge.

Small details make a big difference. That’s why we designed a better cannabis vape cartridge. From our signature mouthpiece to the Fernway Seal, everything in a Fernway cartridge is perfectly calibrated to deliver an exceptional experience. 

Diagram of Fernway cartridge.


Ready to go, wherever you go.

Meet the Traveler – an effortlessly enjoyable pocket vape for the casual and on-the-go cannabis consumer. 

This is everything you’re looking for. With best-in-class vapor production, a perfectly balanced feel, and an ultra-discreet profile, the Traveler will take your journey to the next level.

Diagram of a Fernway Traveler.


Fernway STYLUS in its packaging.

An excellent vape deserves an excellent battery.

Optimized to make your vapes taste better and last longer, the STYLUS is the perfect companion for your Fernway cartridge. With its variable voltage settings and pre-heat cycle, you can customize your experience – or just pick it up, press the button and take a sip. 

We’re always developing new products, and improving our current ones – so if you every have any questions, suggestions or feedback about our hardware, hit us up anytime!

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