Jul 29, 2022

Fernway’s Summer Recommendations for 2022

How do we enjoy the summer to its fullest? 

Good question. We ask ourselves every year. And every year, we invent a new answer.

New destinations, or renewed appreciation of the old ones. New vibes. Getting high in new places and finding new caches of richness. A particularly well made pair of shades that will appear in three straight months of selfies. The sublime joy of air conditioning. The people’s #1 favorite vape in Massachusetts, which just happens to be available at a dispensary near you.

And of course – your various summer firsts. Your first:

  • deckside grilled fruit
  • dockside lobster roll
  • rooftop lemonade
  • streetfair lassi
  • farmstand watermelon
  • ….etc

Here are a few of our recommendations for how to ensure a perfectly balanced summer. 

1. Take the time to hit up your favorite spots…or to find new ones.

2. Accept only the best company.

3. Live digital but appreciate analog.

4. Pause to appreciate great light.

5. Ponder a few big questions.

6. And savor every moment. 




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