Apr 19, 2023

Find Out What Massachusetts’ Best Budtenders Are Enjoying This 4/20

Hey friends. Obviously we’re hype about Fernway goods. But instead of us telling you about what we’re smoking on this 4/20, we thought we’d ask our best friends – the essential experts who grow and sell you your bud, aka the champion cannabis industry professionals of Massachusetts – which Fernways are their favorite.

Read on to get the lowdown!



Who: Richie O.

Store: Bask

Where: Fairhaven

Favorite: Mountain Girl

Why: “My favorite Fernway product is the Mountain Girl cart. It’s got this down-to-earth, grounded feel, and it’s a great way to unwind after a set. It also helps during writing sessions.”


Who: Marcella L.

Store: Cannabis of Worcester

Where: Worcester (obviously)

Favorite: Mochi

Why: “My favorite Fernway product is the Mochi Live Resin cart! I’m a college student, and the Mochi cartridge provides me with a great calming focus that helps me get my to-do lists done.”



Who: Sofia G.

Store: Greatest Hits

Where: Dudley

Favorite: Terpene Infused Joints

Why: “The new pre-rolls are my absolute favorite. Asides from the delish flavors, my favorite thing is the compact size, they’re perfect for my tiny hands 💀😭”




Who: Andres A.

Store: Misty Mountain Shop

Where: Malden

Favorite: Berry Haze Terpene Infused Joint

Why: “Where do I even start? These preroll are great tasting, and it has that true blackberry taste. I’ve always been a fan of using a glass filter with prerolls but my mind was blown when these terp infused prerolls have a CERAMIC filter – 10/10. it’s a clean hit, perfect air flow with the ceramic filter, you can recycle and reuse the ceramic filter for the next joint or blunt you’re gonna roll!”


Who: Kayla P.

Store: Triple M

Where: Plymouth

Favorite; Mandarin Orange

Why: “My favorite Fernway is Mandarin Orange! It’s so refreshing and oranges are also my favorite fruit. It was meant to be that Fernway came out with a Mandarin Orange vape! Fresh, sweet, juicy. Couldn’t ask for anything better.”


Who: Ronnie S.

Store: Yamba Market

Where: Cambridge

Favorite: Terpene Infused Joints

Why: “My favorite Fernway is the new prerolls. Terps that match my favorite carts will always be a win. A great product for flower enthusiasts who want an upscale pre-roll experience.”



Who: Hanne K.

Store: The Boston Garden

Where: Athol

Favorite: Mountain Girl

Why: “My favorite Fernway has to be Mountain Girl! I usually go for indicas, but I love how versatile this is. It’s the perfect strain to sip any time of day, and has the best terp profile 🏔💚 Please don’t tell Red Headed Stranger tho 😂 She’s my second pick haha.”



Who: Stevie T.

Store: Enlite

Where: Northampton

Favorite: Sour Puts flower, Blueberry Cake vapes & Blueberry Cake Terpene Infused Joints

Why: “Sour Puts flower tastes yummy, it’s soft and smokes so smooth. Or the Blueberry Cake cart and joints, they’re relaxing and tasty!”





Are you celebrating in style today? Let us know what you’re getting into – email us at info@fernway.com, or DM us on Instagram. We’d love to hear from you 🙂



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