Oct 25, 2022

Golden days with Golden Tiger

The perfect sunset sativa.

Truly, there’s nothing like a rooftop sesh. The sun-burnished sky stretched above, the teeming city below, the beat of car stereos and block parties rising and commingling into a cosmic prelude scoring the day’s end and the evening’s beginning. 

Woman holding a Golden Tiger vape on a rooftop.

Watching a cloud of vapor spin out into tendrils and fade as you pass the vape. Reaching for the Topo Chico you snagged on the way up. A fantastic crew, all of you dressed perfectly for the night ahead. Breathing in the moment and breathing out bliss. 

And to tie it all together – Fernway’s Golden Tiger vape. Descended from potent Thai and Malawi strains, this fiercely flavorful sativa produces beautifully resinous buds and a spicy, floral aroma.

A man and a woman sharing a Golden Tiger vape on a rooftop.

This is for kicking back and swapping ridiculous tales of adventures you shared. For savoring that rich, complex cannabis taste and touching on a unique floral note you never knew existed. For finding that perfect selfie lighting and making the most of it.

Closeup of a hand passing a Golden Tiger vape to another hand.


A closeup of a Golden Tiger vape and box surrounded by a gold lighter, a pile of premium flower, and a small statue of a Golden Tiger. 


Look at that sky, life’s begun, nights are warm and the days are young…



Screencap of someone praising Golden Tiger on IG.

Screencap of someone praising Golden Tiger on IG.

Screencap of someone praising Golden Tiger on IG.
You deserve the best vape in Massachusetts. And with Golden Tiger, nothing’s gonna touch you in these golden years.

Pick yours up today.

Woman on a rooftop at night holding a Golden Tiger vape to her lips and looking into the camera.

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