Apr 17, 2023

How To Stop Buying “Disappointment Joints” And Start Smoking The Best

FACT: Smoking a truly good prerolled joint is a uniquely beautiful experience.

For those of us who enjoy smoking but don’t have time or skill to roll our own, prerolls are a godsend. They come in different sizes depending on your tolerance, they represent strains that might not appear anywhere else on the menu, and if you’re interested in a new strain, but don’t want to plunk down the cash for a full eighth? Well, good news – you can get a half-gram or full-gram that’s ready to smoke.

But there’s a flip side to that convenience. And that’s the unfortunate but universal experience of the “Disappointment Joint”. You know what we mean. You make your menu selection, pay the budtender, head to your car, pop open the doob tube, turn it upside down – and into your hand drops a sad, dried-out, dented, poorly-packed buzzkill that you paid good money for. Sure, it might get you high – emphasis on might – but at what cost?

Great news – we have a solution. We make our Terpene Infused Joints with the same laser-focus on quality that made our vapes #1 in the state. All the little details may not matter to some, but they matter to us. Focusing on those details is how we keep our promise to you: that you deserve the best and we’re here to help you find it. Once you you learn what to look for – and to demand – in a joint, you’ll be leaving Disappointment Joints behind forever.

Here’s what makes a truly high-quality joint:

1. It’s fresh

Cannabis – and joints – are a lot like the produce you get at the grocery store. Once it’s dried out and stale, it’s not that good. And here’s the unfortunate truth: dispensary menus don’t say when those joints were packaged, so when you pay, you might be buying stale joints at the same price as fresh ones. Not so great.

But there’s a simple way to know before you buy: just ask! Your budtender can easily check a joint’s product label and tell you when it was packed, and that will give you a much clearer idea of how fresh it is. If it was packed six months ago or longer, it may not be as good as ones that were packed more recently. Don’t feel weird about asking again – it’s a standard, reasonable ask, and you’ll be glad you took the time.

Freshly packed joints taste better and hit nicer. But that freshness can fade quickly if the joints aren’t sold in the kind of packaging you need to preserve a premium joint.

2. It’s packaged and stored correctly

Protected from air, not knocked around, and stored UPRIGHT. These are the ways to maintain the joint’s quality and integrity both before and after you open the packaging.

Our joints come in an induction-sealed jar, and each individual joint is sealed with a freshness cork to preserve flavor even further. By completely minimizing all exposure to the elements, our joints come to you exactly how we made them.

Our jars also position our joints upright, and that’s intentional. Joints stored on their side end up lopsided when the kief in them shifts with gravity – which then leads to canoeing – so by storing them on their end, you also a more satisfying burn.

3. It’s made from premium ingredients

Excellent ground bud – not shake or trim – plus delicious terpene profiles, not too wet, not too dry, and not ground too finely. When it comes to your classic joint, that’s the winning combo. Add to that a cone that’s as instantly enjoyable as it is unique – ceramic-tipped, individually wrapped, built-in filter, precisely crowned, undeniably Fernway – you can’t go wrong. Our terpene infused joints transform your favorite Fernway flavors into a truly special smoke.

All of this is to make sure it delivers those simple things you look forward to and a few you’ve been waiting for. A satisfying inhale, a luxurious exhale, easy to ash, easy to pass around, impossible to mix up, and sustainable – because the ceramic tips are reusable when you roll your own.

Ask your budtender to point you toward the quality joints on the menu – to their favorite overall smoke at a reasonable price. Remember, a decent experience is the bare minimum. You deserve the best.

4. It tastes good

Flavor in doesn’t always equal flavor out – but if a joint is flavorful, that can be a sign that the maker knows what they’re doing. Consider this: If your joints are packed with flavorful bud and feature robust terpene profiles, and then they’re stored and packed right, you’ll get a flavorful joint when it’s sold at the store. It’s how you can tell that the people that made it know what they’re doing. They need to get all those steps right, every time, to produce quality.

So if you buy a brand where you get great flavor more than once across different strains or batches, they almost certainly know what they’re doing. And if it happens every time? You’re found yourself a keeper.

5. It’s right-sized

How do you smoke your joints? Everyone’s got their preferences. What we do know is that joints are best consumed in a single sitting. But that means you need the right size joint for the right occasion. On the go? Grab some smalls. Chilling on the deck with everyone? Pass around a full-gram. Size the joint for best fit with your experience, and feel an instant vibe improvement.


As joint smokers, we all participate in a rich, beautiful tradition, built on the simple pleasures of smoking a just-right amonut of premium bud and savoring every moment. Maintaining that tradition and getting your money’s worth means removing disappointment joints from your routine permanently. Knowing what to ask in the store is the first step to making that happen – and always maintaining standards high is the last.

That’s what deserving the best means. And we’re here to make sure you always get it.

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