May 21, 2023

How Your Feedback Is Making Fernway Even Better

Our mission: make our friends’ good lives even better. We do this by serving up exceptional cannabis products and immaculate cannabis experiences. Simple as that.

But because we believe you and all our friends deserve the best that means that we have to check in, stay current with your needs, and work to improve all the time. That gets even more important as our community of Fernway friends grows as large as it has – representing people from all over the US who have taken the time to visit MA to buy their favorite Fernways.

So when we’re looking for ways to improve, we go straight to the source of the best feedback: our loyal customers.

how your feedback transforms and improves fernway products

At Fernway, your feedback doesn’t just disappear into an unread inbox. We take every email, DM, phone call and letter (yup, we’ve gotten a few) seriously – and we make sure to hear out anyone who raises a good point. We’ve even made several changes to our products over the past year to make them even more user-friendly and accessible.

They’re pretty subtle changes, so you might not have even noticed them, and that’s intentional. We don’t ever want to distract or interrupt your experience – just smooth out some of the wrinkles.

Here’s what we changed, and why:

  • Longer mouthpiece: You love our cartridges, but everyone has a different favorite battery. And we support that! If you aren’t a Stylus person and you prefer flask-style batteries – such as the CCell Palm or the Vessel Compass – we want you to enjoy Fernway just as much. So we added a few more millimeters onto our signature copper mouthpiece, which makes our vape cartridges that much easier to hit when using a flask battery.

  • Updated Traveler box: When we launched the Fernway Traveler, our customers loved it but they also had some constructive feedback. They felt the Traveler box was a little challenging to open. So we swung into action. Now, our upgraded box design has a different opening mechanism that uses one button on the side, instead of two. This makes it easier to open but keeps it certified child-resistant, so you can enjoy your favorite Fernway pocket vape just a little bit easier.

  • Got a new look: At Fernway, we custom-design everything. We’re obsessive that way. And as we’ve grown and evolved – from a cannabis vape brand to a cannabis brand – we seized the opportunity to refresh some of the basic visual elements in our branding to make them more versatile and eye-catching. We tightened our logo to make it easier to print, and we upgraded our fonts to make them easier to read. Our new look soft-launched in December when we launched Live Resin, and over the rest of the year you’ll see it roll out stores all over Massachusetts, New Jersey, and beyond.


the most important way that we innovate: expanding to new states

We’re going to be real with you about this. We hear from so many people outside of MA asking us when we’ll be available to buy in their state. Going to another state as a cannabis business is exciting but it’s honestly pretty complex and requires innovation of its own. It takes lot of highly detail-focused work behind the scenes, and that work can be slow. Because every state’s regulations are different, it means that we have to custom-update everything we do so that it complies with that state’s rules for cannabis.

Every new state that Fernway expands to means we take on the task of rebuilding our whole approach so that it’s compliant. But just as important that in doing this, we guarantee that we can still provide the same high quality goods, constant innovation, and exceptional customer service that you expect from Fernway in MA. Otherwise it’s not worth it. And we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen anywhere we decide to go.

All this hard work is 100% worth it for us, because it makes your experience better. Denzel Washington once said, “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.” And we innovate to grow, not because it’s easy, but because it’s how we ensure our community of friends can one day pick up their favorite Fernways at their local dispensary. Our customers deserve that kind of accessibility and convenience.

And we can’t wait to provide it to everyone. So stay tuned.

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