May 15, 2023

Live Resin: An Intro to Specialty Cannabis Oil & A Guide To Spotting Dupes

A Fernway Live Resin pen lying on a mirror.

If you’re interested in live resin, this post is for you. Live resin is connoisseur-grade cannabis oil that truly captures the essence of the plant. And since it’s gaining popularity, here’s a short explanation of what it is, what it isn’t, and why it’s worth seeking out.

what is Live Resin? and why do people love it?

Two reasons; high unrefined potency, and unbeatable cannabis flavor.

Real live resin is also a little hard to find because it’s a small-batch product that requires special handling and extraction process. Here’s how that works. First, take the highest quality cuts of freshly harvested cannabis flower (which is what makes it “live”) and immediately freeze them to lock in their full range of complex flavor or “terpene profile”. This also preserves the plant’s effects by preserving all the cannabinoids – like THC, CBD, and others.

Once it’s frozen, it’s time to extract the oil using a precisely tuned system that uses hydrocarbons. That’s how we get Live Resin with an exceptionally high TAC (Total Available Cannabinoids) and exceptional oil clarity. It’s a different ratio of cannabinoids than other vapes – less THC, more of those other bonus cannabinoids like THCV and CBG – and that’s what creates the rich and complex high.

And with our signature vape hardware, you can savor your Live Resin to the fullest. That’s an important point, because most vape hardware can run too hot, which damages or destroys the flavor. Since we custom-designed Fernway hardware to preserve and protect flavor, you get a true-to-plant experience.

How to Spot a Dupe

It’s important to know what live resin is, but it’s just as important to know what it isn’t. That’s because there’s a lot of dupes, or imitation live resin products, out there on menus. The unfortunate truth is that some producers cut corners by selling vapes made from distilled oil as “live resin”. Imagine a blend of different grades of olive oil bottled and sold as pure extra virgin olive oil.

These dupes may look similar, or be sold at an attractive price, but in the end, they’re not high-quality and they won’t deliver the great flavor and experience of real Live Resin since distillation removes the unique character of the plant.

Here’s what to look out for to avoid the dupes and only choose the best:

  • Check the label. The only ingredients in a live resin vape should be live cannabis oil and live terpenes – nothing else. If the label says the product has been distilled, it’s not live resin.
  • Check the potency.Look for a high concentration of minor cannabinoids (cannabinoids other than D9 THC). Avoid product with less than 1% THCA and CBD.
  • Trust your budtender. These folks are smart. They likely have tried the products, and they can definitely point out true Live Resin.

Then, there’s the last and most important step: spread the word when you find Live Resin you trust. Be inspired by the words of the American poet Isis Naija Gaston, aka Ice Spice, who once wisely said, “I don’t fuck with the fakes.”

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