Aug 10, 2023

Mass Yield – Fernway Grower Profile Series

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You already know that Fernway brings you the best buds, from the best strains, grown by the best growers in the state, right?

Our deep and extensive network of cultivators makes that possible. We go out into the market and hand-select strains based on their flavor, aroma and effects. Those strains all pass through our exacting quality control process so that only the finest hand-finished AAA buds end up in Fernway jars.

The results? Flower that looks great, tastes great, and smokes great – every time. No more light eighths, tiny nugs, or dried-up tasteless weed – you leave that all behind when you crack open a Fernway jar. That’s our guarantee, because you deserve the best.

In our new Grower Profile Series, we’ll highlight our Massachusetts cannabis partners and their unique process, products and strains. First up is Mass Yield! We were lucky enough to chat with Joe Baillargeon, Director of Cultivation at Mass Yield.


Where are you located?

Pittsfield, in the wonderful Berkshires of Western, MA.

What’s unique about your growing or manufacturing process?

The size, being only 3,600 sq ft – and the people, a team of dedicated employees with the goal to continually focus on improvement, along with a strong list of unique and diverse genetics.

What strains do you grow? Do these stay the same or do they vary? Will you expand to offer others?

We grow a variety of cultivars, and are always adding new lines to our offerings.  We are very excited to have 10-11 new lines dropping over the next 4-6 months.


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  • Snowmaker (In house pheno winner, exclusive)
  • Sunset Runtz
  • Strawberry Gary
  • Hulk Angry
  • Ochopee (exclusive cut)
  • V-SPEC
  • Cappaccino
  • Poddy Mouth
  • Blueberry Cupcake
  • Jelly Rancher
  • Blast Chiller


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What are the major terpenes within each strain?

For the answer to this question, we invite you to peruse the Strain Cards available on our website.

What’s the average TAC% of your harvests? Does it depend on the strain?

Yes, the TAC depends on cultivar and specific batch but we are very proud of our consistent testing of high quality cannabis. We try to list ranges on our strain cards on our website so people can get the ballpark expectations and learn more about other users’ perceived effects.



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We’ll be introducing you to more of our favorite growers in the coming weeks. If you’d like to learn more about Mass Yield or any other Fernway partners, hit us up anytime at


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