Sep 20, 2023

Root & Bloom – Fernway Grower Profile Series

We’re continuing our Grower Profile series by highlighting Root & Bloom: another one of the “best growers in the state”. This team is responsible for our Lemon OG Haze flower and Angry Ginger flower.

It’s hard not to notice the fervor and dedication that drives the team at Root & Bloom. They’ve made a name for themselves by consistently defying generic standards in the industry, and that’s just one of the many reasons why we chose to work with them.

Their growers? Absolutely top-notch. Their extraction team? Well, let’s just say they’ve bagged several awards for their expertise. With a leadership team that’s been through thick and thin, it’s reassuring to see such seasoned professionals steering the ship, especially in an emerging market like ours.

Massachusetts seems like the perfect crucible for Root & Bloom’s vision. It’s a place where cutting-edge science and technology meet grassroots agriculture, all underscored by a deep-rooted sense of community and hard work. 

Armed with vast experience and the capabilities to match, Root & Bloom is on the verge of introducing some of the best cannabis products to the market. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is evident, setting a benchmark that others should certainly aspire to, and we’re honored to partner with them.

1. Where is Root & Bloom located?

Salisbury, MA

2. What’s unique about their growing or manufacturing process?

“From genetics to cure, each step along the way has been developed to ensure the best experience for our consumers. The flower that we are about to bring to the market is among the best available in Massachusetts, delivered at a fair price.” – Tom Regan, CEO, Root & Bloom. (Source: PR Newswire)


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3. What strains does Root & Bloom grow?

Root & Bloom’s website features the following list of featured strains:

3. What are the major terpenes within each strain?


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4. What’s the average TAC% of their harvests? Does it depend on the strain?

Yes, as usual, the total active cannabinoids in each strain will differ not only based on genetics, but also based on other environmental factors. Root & Bloom does list THC percent and average percent of terpenes on the individual profile for each strain on their website.

We’ll be introducing you to more of our favorite growers in the coming weeks. If you’d like to learn more about Mass Yield or any other Fernway partners, hit us up anytime at


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