May 13, 2022

Meet Mandarin Orange: Like sunshine in a vape.

Picture this:

Spring is finally here. It’s a bright, sunshiny morning. Light streams through the blinds. You open the storm windows, finally put away your winter clothes, and notice a few flowers starting to bloom. The days are getting longer again. There’s an electricity in the air, you can feel it. It’s time to get outside, meet up with your friends, and savor the moment.

Hit up your friends for an exceptional brunch with rich and fragrant coffee, perfectly-toasted English muffins, maybe some shrimp and grits if you’re feeling adventurous. Epic sunsets in the park or on the balcony. The first taste of the springtime nightlife.

And to perfectly complete the experience: Fernway’s Mandarin Orange vape – a fresh and sweet flavor, like a glass of orange juice squeezed just for you.

A man with long hair hitting a Mandarin Orange vape and laughing.

Meet Mandarin Orange – the newest addition to our Flavor Line.

You already know that Fernways go with any season (especially when it’s too cold to smoke outside) – but there’s something special about springtime. It’s the season of new life, new options, new adventures. It’s when we shrug off our winter coats and rediscover some of those things that make life sweet.

That’s why we designed Mandarin Orange to deliver that perfect note of sweetness to complement the season. Smooth and citrus-y on the inhale, with a subtle sherbet finish on the exhale. It goes great with all your springtime plans – riverside walks, hitting the disc golf course, or getting stopped in your tracks by an incredible street musician – but really, what it goes great with is your journey into sunshine, however you craft it. 

And yes, before you ask – it’s available in half-gram AND full-gram 😉




“Chef’s kiss with this one, mates – Mandarin Orange is gonna be the summer flavor of choice.” – A friend from IG who prefers to remain anonymous

“THE MANDARIN ORANGE IS SO GOOOOOOOD” – Stephanie from Instagram

“The Mandarin Orange is out of this world. One of the best products I’ve ever had.” – @huntjet on Instagram

A woman reclining on a windowsill basking in the sun and hitting a Mandarin Orange Fernway vape.

Let the sunshine in and pick yours up today. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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