Jan 27, 2022

Meet Snow Dog: Your new best friend

Picture this:

You and your bestie are having a night in. Your bestie could be your dog, your human best friend, your partner, or just yourself – but regardless, they’re exactly who you’ve been waiting for. It’s been snowing outside, your fridge is fully stocked, and you’ve got new episodes of your current obsession to binge. You’ve been looking forward to this night all week, and you finally get to savor it.

You might ask: which strain would we recommend to make this moment even better?

You and your bestie relaxing in front of the fire, sharing a Snow Dog vape.

Meet Snow Dog, the newest addition to our Strain Collection.

It’s a fitting name, because it’s going to be your new best friend. It’s the kind of strain that defines your whole winter – the one you pick up when the temp dips below 30 and keep in your jacket pocket until spring. When you think back on everything that made the cold days special – every hearty meal, every amazing trip, every time you didn’t have to step outside to smoke because you had a vape close by – you’ll be thinking of Snow Dog.

As a descendent of two Massachusetts classics, Chemdog and Super Skunk, this heavy hitter has an impeccable pedigree. The flavor profile is savory, with an immediate hit of cheesy funk and a smooth floral finish. We appreciate how it brightens shorter days and longer nights, making it easy to appreciate and share – and if you’re a sativa fan, you’ll feel the same way.

And here’s the coolest part – by picking up a Snow Dog vape at your local dispensary, you can actually help needy dogs in Massachusetts. We’re working with the Northampton Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA), and for every Snow Dog sold in the month of February, we’re donating $1 to the NSPCA. Please help us maximize our donation and connect good dogs with loving homes!

A dog sitting in the snow, with his owner crouching next to him holding a Snow Dog vape.



“I tried the Snow Dog the other day and am a huge fan! I think it’s the best in the Strain Collection yet!” – @acetorie on Instagram

“Omg…the SNOW DOG!! Everyone at work was hyping it up, I finally got it, just WOW. The flavor is so crisp, and it only took me two rips and 3 minutes to get the high I needed.” – Glenn V., budtender in Hingham

“Sooo tasty! Love the high I get from it ???????????? ” – Kayla P., budtender in Wareham


It’s the perfect companion for a night in, for an adventure over snow covered trails, for wherever life takes you that calls for savoring. We can’t wait for you to try it.

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