Jun 19, 2022

Step into the clouds with Mountain Girl.


The last part of the hike up the mountain, right before you reach the top. The sky opens up, the trees part, and you and your hiking partner see the path ending in a stunning overlook. The breeze through your hair brings the sound of far-off birdsong and the smell of new greenery. You feel completely free. 

A woman at the edge of a scenic overlook smiling while she hits a Mountain Girl vape.

It’s the perfect moment to break out your new hybrid from Fernway – Mountain Girl. Its flavor doesn’t hold back – you’ll want to savor every bold note. Its lineage is legit –  a daring three-way cross of Willy’s Wonder, Granddaddy Purple and White Widow.

If you’re seeking a strain that’s perfect for those hidden-away scenic views, spirited forest walks, and standing at the edge of something incredible – guess what, you’ve found it. 


A Mountain Girl vape leaning against its box next to some hiking boots at the top of a mountain, backlit by sunset.


For any of you Grateful Dead fans out there, the name Mountain Girl should ring a bell. Mountain Girl was the nickname for Carolyn Adams (who later became Carolyn Garcia after she married Jerry), an original member of the original Merry Pranksters – the iconic bus-riding hippie troupe immortalized in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Wolfe memorably described Adams as “a tall girl, big and beautiful with dark brown hair falling down to her shoulders except that the lower two-thirds of her falling hair looks like a paintbrush dipped in cadmium yellow from where she dyed it blond in Mexico.” 

The strain that shares her name makes a similarly strong impression. Deep, woodsy notes of sage, earth and skunk offer a flavor profile that’s bold, distinctive and animated by the romance of nature. That scent you can only get when you step under the canopy and breathe in deep, refreshing lungfuls of air. Whether you’re spinning a vintage copy of Europe ’72 or just taking your crew on a nature walk in the nearest state park, you’ll want a Mountain Girl on hand.

Four women standing at the edge of the mountain looking out across the valley.


This right here is pure Mountain Girl vibes – perfect for the Bluetooth speaker on a picnic blanket, or for the car ride back from the trailhead. Or your couch, if you’re all hiked out for the day. That’s cool too 🙂


And P.S.: Remember, you don’t need to pack a lighter – and there’s no risk of forest fires – when you bring a vape with you 😉

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