Sep 18, 2023

So … Are You Team Pumpkin Spice or Honeycrisp?

What’s that—you felt the whisper of a telltale chill in the afternoon breeze? You say you caught a lingering hint of wood smoke? Wait—is that leaf looking a bit … ombré to you? We see it too!

All this can only mean one thing.

It’s time for the ultimate autumn sesh! We have one of the most important questions to ask as the back end of 2023 settles in, and you’re getting geared up for incoming sweater weather.

Are you Team Pumpkin Spice or Team Honeycrisp? We’ve got you covered either way with two new limited-edition picks for the change in season: Fernway Pumpkin Spice and Fernway Honeycrisp.

Pumpkin Spice

Ahh—Pumpkin Spice. It’s the trademark flavor of the season. Tried and true. Loved by many. Pumpkin Spice vapes and pre-rolls are like a deep dive into cushy fallen autumn leaves with all that iconic clove, cardamom, and woodiness. It’s warm and aromatic like sitting by a crackling fire with a bite of spiced pumpkin pie in your mouth. This Fernway limited-edition flavor goes well with:

  • Laid-back, second-date lattes, wrapped in a sweater at the waterfront
  • A hayride with your best buds to find the perfect pumpkin
  • Chilly feel-good moments when the sunset casts the autumn world in a splendor of glowing color

Pumpkin Spice is available in our beloved joints as well as Travelers and vape carts.


Listen, Honeycrisp holds its own when it comes to fall-themed flavors. And with Honeycrisp vapes and pre-rolls, life just got a little sweeter. Honeycrisp is like walking through the orchard, plucking the juiciest, crispest apple from the tree, and then sinking your teeth into all that once-a-year goodness. The flavor can only be described as vibrant and fresh, exquisitely built to go perfectly with:

  • The vibrancy of fall foliage at its peak
  • Autumn potlucks and that spectacular spread of food after a bountiful harvest
  • Steamy hot coffee on those breath-visible fall mornings

Honeycrisp is available in our joints, as well as vape carts and Travelers.

So … Which Team Are You On?

We get it, it’s a hard choice to make! Whether you’re Team Pumpkin Spice or Honeycrisp, be sure to keep an eye out for these autumn-worthy picks from Fernway.

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