Dec 20, 2023

Best Vapes in New Jersey

Fernway products make every moment an opportunity to savor life a bit more. In New Jersey, Fernway has quickly established itself as a premier provider of exceptional cannabis vapes, expertly combining high-purity cannabis oil, exceptionally delicious terpenes, and thoughtfully designed custom hardware. They’re available at dispensaries all over the state and adding new stockist locations every week thanks to overwhelming demand.

Our products are not just a choice of one vape over the other; they’re a true lifestyle enhancement. Let’s explore the Fernway collection that has already become the go-to brand for cannabis vape enthusiasts in New Jersey.

The Fernway New Jersey Vape Lineup

At Fernway, we believe in offering a range of products that cater to all your moods and occasions. Each one’s a different vibe, so you can always find your favorite.

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Flavor Line

Pineland Diesel 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Sativa)

A timeless flavor inspired by our favorite Jersey-grown cannabis, perfectly paired with a Saturday hike or a casual iced coffee-laden morning. For those who appreciate drier or more savory flavors, and a hint of nostalgia for that cannabis you used to get back in the day. Available in 510 cartridges only for now.

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Berry haze half vape cart

Berry Haze 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Indica)

Our 2022 High Times Cup Winner, and an overwhelming fan favorite that rapidly became the #1 vape in Massachusetts within a few months of being launched in dispensaries. This vape offers the richness of blackberries with a creamy finish. Take it along with you to poker nights or “so bad it’s good” movie marathons. Available in 510 cartridges & Travelers.

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Mango 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Hybrid)

That unmistakable luscious flavor of fresh-cut mango, great for festival vibes, food truck adventures, or making new friends at social gatherings. Available in 510 cartridges (exclusively in NJ!) & Travelers.

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Mandarin Orange 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Sativa)

Fresh and sweet, and like a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice just for you. Perfect for brunches, upbeat convos, and sunny outdoor times. Available in 510 cartridges & Travelers.

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Cranberry Jam half vape cart

Cranberry Jam 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Hybrid)

Vibrant and refreshing, this is your go-to for binge-watch sessions or a weekend with friends. A gorgeously tangy sleeper hit available in 510 cartridges only for now.

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Blueberry Cake half vape cart

Blueberry Cake 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Indica)

Scrumptious like fresh blueberry muffins, it’s the best companion for serene sunsets or a fun karaoke night. Available in 510 cartridges only for now.

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Lavender dream half vape cart

Lavender Dream 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Indica)

Soothing lavender with a hint of vanilla. Goes great with deep conversations and midnight revelations. Available in 510 cartridges only.

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Strain Collection

Red Headed Stranger half vape cart

Red Headed Stranger 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Sativa)

The 2021 High Times Cup Winner! Find out what all the hype is about with this must-try sativa. Its profile is unique and spicy, reminiscent of orange zest and gas. Perfect for passing during a group convo or underscoring your morning plan-making. Available in 510 cartridge & Travelers.

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Black Magic 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Indica)

This full-bodied indica, born from Buckeye Purple and Cherry Sauce, offers sweet, berry notes with a hint of lavender. Ideal for unwinding after a long day or savoring peaceful moments under the stars. Available in 510 cartridges only for now.

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GG #4 0.5g Vape Cartridge (Hybrid)

The award-winning hybrid you know and love, known for producing massive calyxes and a distinct sour earthy aroma. Perfect for those moments when you want to lose yourself in deep thought or sample the new streaming show everyone’s been talking about. Available in 510 cartridges only for now.

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Cartridges vs. Travelers (Recyclables)

Compact and discreet, Travelers are a convenient option for those who seek mobility without compromising on quality. Both forms maintain our commitment to sustainability, as they are the only recyclable vapes in the New Jersey vape market.

When it comes to choosing between our standard cartridges and Travelers, it’s all about your lifestyle and preferences. Our cartridges offer a classic experience with robust flavors and effects, while our Travelers are designed for those on the go or not looking to commit to a half gram of a flavor – more of a “try first” shopper.

Where to Buy Vape Pens in NJ

Finding Fernway products in New Jersey is easy. Our products are available across almost all of NJ’s operational dispensaries, ensuring that wherever you are in the state, a Fernway moment is never too far away. Visit our store locator at to find the nearest location where you can indulge in the Fernway experience.

Fernway is more than just a cannabis brand; it’s a way to celebrate and enhance the good life. Our vapes are not just products; they’re keys to creating many moments worth savoring. In New Jersey, Fernway stands synonymous with quality, sustainability, and an unparalleled vaping experience. Choose the best, and join us in this journey and see why Fernway is the right choice for your needs.

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