Oct 2, 2023

Mango makes its way to New Jersey.

unleash the tropical bliss.

Fernway Lavender Dream is available in New Jersey! This is for those moments when you’re basking in the warm embrace of the sun, lounging on your porch, and savoring the gentle breeze. 

The unmistakable flavor of luscious fresh-cut mango.

Dominance: Hybrid

flavor notes:

  • Lush
  • Sweet

goes great with

  • Scoring a front row spot at the festival
  • A fully loaded hot dog from your favorite food truck
  • Making new friends at the wedding reception

Product formats:

We offer Mango in our vapes and pre-rolls. We make Mango joints with 25%+ THC ground bud, ultra-thin rice paper, a signature ceramic tip, fragment-proof internal filter and a freshness cork to preserve flavor. Mango reviewers praised the fruity flavor experienced in the vape, and several reviews offered positive comments about the design of the Fernway vape, complimenting features like the rechargeable option and the ability to see the oil level.


Mango joints 5 pack


Turn up the sunshine!

the people have spoken.

You deserve the best. Treat yourself to Mango!

pick yours up today.

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