Dec 14, 2023

Best Smoke Spots in New Jersey: Gorgeous & Relaxing Locations

When a trusted friend from New Jersey says “I know a spot…”, they might pick one of these if you’re lucky. New Jersey offers beautiful beaches & lush forests, but also plenty of other private and easy-to-get-to destinations for getting high, enjoying nature’s beauty, and taking plenty of nice pics.

Here are some of the best scenic spots in New Jersey where you can soak in the surroundings. And you’re looking to pick up before your next sesh, here’s a list of dispensaries in New Jersey. As always, keep in mind the local regulations regarding smoking so you can ensure an uninterrupted good time.

1. The Serenity of Cape May

Cape May, known for its stunning Victorian architecture and pristine beaches, offers a peaceful retreat. Take a stroll along Sunset Beach at dusk for a breathtaking view of the sun dipping below the horizon. Smell the fresh sea air and blow smoke rings to the sound of distant gulls. Sounds nice, right?

For more information on Cape May’s attractions, hit up TripAdvisor.

Dispensaries in Cape May

2. High Point State Park: A View from the Top

For those who don’t mind a hike, or heights, head to High Point State Park. It offers panoramic views of three states from New Jersey’s highest elevation. With its extensive trail system, this park’s ideal for a day trip of hiking and nature photography. Find out more about the park’s offerings on the New Jersey State Parks website.

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3. The Pine Barrens: An Undisturbed Oasis

The Pine Barrens covers over a million acres of pristine woodland. It’s ideal for those who love the outdoors, offering opportunities for hiking, camping, and kayaking. (For Sopranos fans looking to make a pilgrimage, we recommend going during the warmer months). Learn about the various activities you can do at the Pine Barrens through the New Jersey Conservation Foundation.

4. Grounds for Sculpture: Art in Nature

Located in Hamilton, the Grounds for Sculpture is a 42-acre park that combines stunning art and landscaping for an epic walk like no other. Take your time meandering through the gardens adorned with contemporary sculptures, an ideal spot for a lazy outdoor afternoon. (Protip: For those who seek a spot for deep, satisfying reflection perhaps aided by your favorite Fernway – look no further.) Detailed information about the park can be found on the Grounds for Sculpture website.

5. Liberty State Park: The Urban Escape

Liberty State Park in Jersey City provides stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline. It’s a fantastic spot for informal picnics, leisurely strolls, people-watching and photography. Check out the Liberty State Park website for more on what you can see and do there.

Dispensaries in Jersey City

6. The Natural Splendor of the Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area offers a mix of scenic vistas, waterfalls, and forested mountains. It’s a prime pick for individuals seeking a retreat into the quiet grandeur of nature. The National Park Service’s website for the Delaware Water Gap has all the information you need.

7. Indelible Sunsets at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, located on the northern tip of Long Beach Island, is home to the historic Barnegat Lighthouse. The park is an ideal location for watching a serene sunset over the Atlantic Ocean once you’ve grabbed a bite at one of LBI’s many restaurants. Visit the New Jersey State Parks website for more about Barnegat Lighthouse State Park.

8. The Peaceful Retreat of Duke Farms

Head inland to Duke Farms in Hillsborough for a seamless escape into nature, with rich biodiversity and extensive trails. If Sunday deserves a quiet day exploring gardens and woodlands, this is the spot. Find out more about Duke Farms on their official website.

9. The Scenic Beauty of Buttermilk Falls

In the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Buttermilk Falls stands as one of New Jersey’s tallest waterfalls. It’s worth it for a day trip – take in the sounds of cascading water and head to observation platforms further up the waterfall, which is nearly 100 feet (30 m) high. Learn more about the falls on the National Park Service’s website.

10. The Coastal Beauty of Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park is a narrow barrier island stretching over 10 miles. Head here for an idyllic blend of relaxation and sensory exploration. Visitors can meander through the park’s verdant trails, uncovering an array of wildlife and natural beauty, heightened by the serene ocean backdrop. As the day winds down, gather around a cozy beach bonfire to revel in the park’s tranquil ambiance. Visit the New Jersey State Parks website for more information about Island Beach State Park.

New Jersey’s diverse landscapes offer numerous spots where you can relax, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of nature. And what makes those even better? Your favorite Fernway, charged & ready to go. And as always, remember to respect the local regulations and natural habitats during your visits, ensuring these beautiful spots remain pristine for years to come.

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