Apr 17, 2023

The Best Bud In Massachusetts Isn’t Making Its Way To You – Until Now.

Buying cannabis shouldn’t be a gamble.

Look, you work hard. You deserve to get what you paid for. But we all know the reality. You walk into a dispensary, scope out the best-looking eighth on the menu, buy it, take it come, crack it open, and it’s….just not what you expected.

Maybe it’s a pile of weak, overtrimmed popcorn nugs, instead of a couple of those big luxurious nugs you saw on display. Maybe it’s unsmokeably dry, each bud crumbling into hay-flavored dust as soon as you touch it. Maybe you just glance at the “Packaged Date” on the label and your heart sinks, because it’s been sitting in that container for NEARLY A YEAR and you know that any flavor that bud once contained has long since vanished.

There’s a simple reason why it keeps happening, and why the best bud in the state isn’t making its way to you. It’s because of quality control.

What’s quality control in the context of cannabis? Well, it’s what separates great flower from meh flower. Literally. Quality control means carefully growing, harvesting, curing, trimming, and packaging cannabis so that it achieves peak flavor, freshness and potency. Not every grower follows all these quality control steps, but even when they do, there’s one crucial missed step that can undo all that hard work. And that’s SORTING.

When they don’t make sure the best nugs from the harvest – the frostiest, tastiest, most vividly effective nugs, aka the “A-buds” – are being correctly sorted and packaged, they turn their menu into a minefield. And you, the customer, can’t see into that container before you buy…so you just have to take a chance that you’re getting A-buds. No guarantees, no promises, no confidence.

It doesn’t seem fair, and it’s not.

You know us from our vapes, but we’ve been buying and smoking flower for even longer. We’ve experienced poor quality control. So we decided to do something.

Here’s how we’re doing it.

Simply put, Fernway is on a mission to find the best flower in the state and curate it for you. We’re doing the hard work so you don’t have to. When we set out to create a better vape, we focused on every tiny detail to deliver the incredible balance of flavor, style and potency people expect from Fernway, and that made Fernway the #1 bestselling vape in Massachusetts. And we took that same winning approach and brought it to Fernway Flower.

We talk to every single cultivator in Massachusetts, and we partner with the ones who are doing it right. We believe the plants that get the most attention come out the best. So we look for growers whose plants are lovingly cultivated, harvested, cured and trimmed. We’ve found that when the proper care gets put into the plant, the results are undeniable when it comes to aroma, bud structure, and most importantly – the effects.

But we don’t stop there. We look for the smallest details, like the amount of space between plants so they get the right amount of air and light, the balance of humidity in the grow room, the timing of the harvest, the way the plants are stored after harvest, the method and duration of the cure, and the quality of the trim. Once we ID the best nugs, we seal them in a luxe glass jar with a humidity pack to preserve peak freshness and protect the buds from light and air. And we make sure each eighth comes included with customized strain info card so that you actually know what you’re smoking. We select harder-to-find strains like Peach Milano and Sour Puts, but we also include make sure to include the best cuts from your favorite strains, so that you can experience the fullest range of the cream of the crop.

All these little things may not matter to some, but they may matter to us. Because we believe you deserve the best.

And when you get the best, you don’t have to be a flower expert to feel the difference. Picture this: You’re at home, ready to kick back and relax after a long day. You crack open an eighth and you’re instantly hit with the unbeatable aroma of fresh cannabis. You pick up one of those A-buds, and you give it a look. The only way to describe it is “exquisite”. As you start to break it up, you feel the resin on your fingertips. You see that those gorgeous trichomes don’t just sparkle on the surface – they run deep. You pack a bowl, light up, and take a hit. The flavor profile comes through strong and clear. The exhale is smooth and satisfying. The high is just right. Your new favorite jam comes on shuffle.

This is what the best is supposed to feel like. And that’s exactly what you get with Fernway.

So next time you’re lost on a dispensary menu, look for Fernway. Trust us – your body, soul wallet will all thank you.


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