Oct 26, 2022

Treat yourself with Chocolate Mint.

Take that first hit of winter.

Really savor it. The chill of snow and the day’s first sip of hot fresh ground coffee. Your friends are coming home, and they’re bringing the really good vapes with them.

A woman smiling and holding a cup of tea and a Chocolate Mint vape.

The fact of the matter is, you’re investing in comfort – the fuzzy socks, the whipped cream, the AirBnB that’s a little more expensive but does have a hot tub . So that’s why we brought you Chocolate Mint (here for a limited time only!)

A Chocolate Mint vape resting on a Chocolate Mint box, surrounded by Andes mints.

That unmistakable combo that reminds you the reason for the season. Kick back and give yourself the gift of getting nicely cozy and nicely high all at once aka the gift that keeps on giving.

Three women relaxing in a sauna, sharing a Chocolate Mint vape.

When you pick up a Chocolate Mint Fernway, it’s our sincerest wish that you entertain, nourish and – most of all – treat yourself. It’ll go great with:

  • Friendsgivings
  • Reintroducing your nice jacket
  • A really well-built fire 


And I can’t help but wonder/Just how we ended up alright/And I love you like no other/And this has never felt so right…….



Three friends watching the sunset and sharing a Chocolate Mint vape, with one of them looking into the camera knowingly.
You deserve the best vape in Massachusetts.We sincerely recommend that you treat yourself.

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