May 21, 2023

What People Are Saying About Alpine Strawberry, AKA Fernway’s Flavor Of The Summer

how does alpine strawberry make you feel?

Sadly, it’s still impossible to get high entirely over the internet.

But for those of you who haven’t had a chance to pick up Fernway’s new Alpine Strawberry flavor, here’s what it’s like to take a hit off our newest flavor – in a vape cartridge, Traveler all-in-one recyclable, or terpene infused joint.

Picture this.

Slip on your AirPods, click the case shut, and step outside into brightness. Cue up Call Me If You Get Lost. Fill your ears with exquisite beats, and take a hit of Fernway’s Alpine Strawberry. Maybe you’re using your trusty Stylus/cart combo, or you snagged a Traveler, or you’re smoking a joint infused with terpenes and bursting with flavor. It’s all good.

Lush jammy taste mingles perfectly with fresh air and warm, glancing sunbeams. The day’s yours. Want to grab a large latte and people-watch at a sidewalk cafe? Want to pounce on that shaded park bench and catch up on your DMs? Want to catch a ride with your friends and hit up a picnic? Want to go fill a basket with more pick-your-own strawberries than you know what to do with? Of course you do.

That’s the beauty and the bounty of summer – moments impossible to duplicate, freedom to savor languid sun-flecked days and dreamy nights that invigorate and inspire. This summer tastes like Alpine Strawberry, and it’s all yours.

but don’t just listen to us

Here’s what people have to say about Alpine Strawberry:

so where can you get it?

We got you. Head to our Store Locator, open the “Carrying New Products” menu, and select “Alpine Strawberry”.

Then press “Submit”, and head to the closest location to you. (Be sure to check Alpine Strawberry’s availability on the store’s online menu before you hit the road – it’s selling fast!)

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