Jun 5, 2023

Everybody Deserves A Cannabis Mentor

Two good friends sharing a sunny afternoon at an outdoor cafe.

It’s time to give thanks to that universal, incredibly beloved and important figure: the cannabis mentor. This is that person who helped you discover, understand and appreciate cannabis when you were looking for guidance.

Think back on when you didn’t know a thing about weed. You were a little skeptical, a little anxious, desperate for someone to show you the way.

Maybe you’d never touched the stuff, or you had but you’d never “actually gotten high”. You knew there was more to discover. And you wanted to learn more, but you were self-conscious.

The internet wasn’t helpful – it was too much info, not enough truth. Reddit threads were like an echo chamber and left you feeling more confused than before. You couldn’t ask authority figures like teachers and parents.

You needed a trusted guide to lead you through the intricate and confusing world of cannabis, but it was hard to imagine who could fill that role.

And then, your cannabis mentor appeared.

Maybe it was an older sibling, a best friend, a budtender, a situationship that became something more, your plug, or a random coworker. They clocked that you needed schooling, so they sat you down and explained how it would feel to take in a lungful of smoke (bad, but then eventually, not bad). They taught you the terminology – nugs, shake, cached, blunt, sativa, indica, piff. They showed you how to look for good bud and how to avoid schwag. They showed you how to hit the bowl without burning your thumb. They showed you what a grav bong was.

They sat with you as you got high, reassured you that the coughing, cottonmouth and red eyes were normal, and that the Burger King down the street was indeed open 24 hours. They translated discomfort into progress and erased your fear.

Two friends in a photobooth, one of them with the arm around the other and holding a Fernway Traveler in one hand and the box in the other. The other friend is laughing with their mouth open.They’re the unsung heroes of the cannabis community, fostering growth and connections out of the goodness of their heart and their desire to share the wealth. They show us that it’s okay to not know something and it’s okay to cough a lot. They take our vulnerability and meet it with grace instead of ridicule. They help us define our tastes and discover for ourselves how cannabis can improve and enhance so much.

Every joint passed by a mentor to a newbie is a tiny beautiful torch being passed on the path toward empowerment.

are you already a cannabis mentor?

If you’re wondering if you’re someone’s cannabis mentor already, it might not be obvious – but here are a few telltale signs.

  • Are you that friend that people ask for information and advice about cannabis?
  • When you talk casually about cannabis to a friend or loved one, do they perk up and listen closely?
  • Have you smoked someone out for their first time and they’re not ready to buy their own but now they always politely request to get in on the sesh?

If any of these are true, you might already be a cannabis mentor. Take the responsibility seriously, and make sure you’re giving your mentee plenty of time, space and guidance.

do you want to become a cannabis mentor?

If you consider yourself a friendly cannabis expert but don’t have anyone to mentor – be the change you want to see in the world. Seek out connections online in spaces where people ask about general cannabis information. Think about which of your friends might appreciate cannabis – but isn’t a fan yet – and invite them over for movie night or to an outdoor concert. Next time you’re at a party, approach that wallflower and kindly ask them if they want in on this blunt. Be prepared to be patient, open-minded and positive. Not everyone wants to smoke, and not everyone is able to appreciate the experience without the right set and setting.

A man and a woman next to each other. her hand is on his shoulder and she's showing him a Fernway vape box.

are you seeking a cannabis mentor?

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking “damn, I wish I had someone like this in my life” – that’s great. Your cannabis mentor may be closer than you think.

If you’re in a state like Massachusetts with recreational dispensaries, jump on Yelp and Google and see which dispensaries are near you and have high ratings. Head to one on an off-peak time (weekdays during lunch are good) so you don’t feel rushed. Explain to the budtender that you need general guidance, and ask them where they look for information and education.

Finally – look close to home. Got a friend who smokes? They probably wouldn’t mind sharing some insights. Offer them up something thoughtful – like a homecooked meal or an interestingly-decorated lighter – to break the ice, and explain that you’re looking for someone to demystify this stuff. You’d be surprised at how likely they are to respond with interest.

Join the movement of appreciation and mentorship within the cannabis community. Take this as an opportunity to text the cannabis mentor who has made a difference in your life.

They may not know how important they truly are. Let’s remind them, together.

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