Oct 25, 2022

Meet Lemon OG – your new main squeeze.

It’s late summer in Massachusetts.

When the days are long and shade feels like paradise, you search for reliable companions.

Think the best things to do in the summer. Think cold fizzy drinks, sunscreen, broken-in flipflops, subtly stylish sunglasses.

Meet the newest addition – Fernway’s Lemon OG cannabis vape, a clean & zesty twist of lemon for consistently good vibes.

Fernway Lemon OG cartridge and box on a tray with cut up lemons next to a swimming pool.

This is for when you’re stretched out on the patio watching the cloud you exhale mingle with the ones drifting across the sky. Inspiring your friends to come with you – and leave the air conditioning – so you can all hit up the ice cream parlor before it closes. 

Two women in swimsuits standing in front of a yellow backdrop enjoying a Fernway Lemon OG cartridge.

This is a reminder that you can, and should, chill. A reminder that it’s hard to work a lighter when the fan’s blowing right at you, but a Fernway works just fine. And a reminder that a cool drink of water always tastes more refreshing with lemon.

Summer’s not over. There’s plenty more to come; skinnydipping, outdoor shows by the water, the quest for the cool side of the pillow, and a sip from Lemon OG to make it all even better.

A full-gram Lemon OG vape resting on a Lemon OG box, which in turn is resting on a bed of sliced lemons. 


Heat waves been fakin’ me out…


Screenshot of an IG DM

Screenshot of an IG DMScreenshot of an IG DM

You deserve the best vape in Massachusetts. And with Lemon OG, you’ll *always* pass the vibe check.

Pick yours up today.

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