Aug 1, 2023

What Makes Fernway Flower Different?

Make no mistake, Massachusetts is home to some of the best cannabis in the country. As one of the first New England states to embrace legal cannabis, we’ve had time to see the cream of the crop rise to the top when it comes to weed.

Fernway flower is made up of only the best. Take a look at what makes Fernway flower different.

We handpick our growers, always

When Fernway first started out, we made a commitment to connecting people with only the best cannabis experiences. Ultimately, we knew we wanted to provide top-of-the-line, premium flower. So, instead of building our own grow op, we took a more strategic approach and decided to source flower from an elite collection of handpicked growers in MA.

We go out and personally meet every grower. We explore their operation, their strains, and the quality of how they do things.

Only then do we decide whether that grower’s cannabis will be part of the Fernway flower collection.

Many of our strains come from Mass growers that pride themselves on craft-level, small-batch cannabis that’s explicitly grown to deliver elevated specifically curated experiences.

We only focus on premium, potent flower

Every strain in the Fernway flower strain library contains a minimum of 25% total active cannabinoids (TAC). This is purposeful—we hand-select strains with higher potency levels because they tend to be the best at living up to our name: fernweh, which means longing for faraway places.

Not only do we consider TAC, but we also look for flower with exceptional terpene saturation.

This means when you pick up a strain like Peach Milano, you get an incredible burst of tangerine/cream flavor.

Or, you can bet on the fact that Candy Mouth will be loaded with peppered citrus candy notes and aromatics.

We harvest at the peak of potency

Not only is each plant harvested at the peak of potency and freshness, but our eighths also only consist of premium large “Triple-A” buds.

We’re bringing you the best buds, from the best strains, from the best growers in the state because you deserve the best.

Hey, we’re Fernway. We’re premium.

At Fernway, we believe in elevating the good life with premium cannabis. You won’t find lackluster strains littering our lineup because we only add our name to the finest flower—flower brought to life with passion. Be sure to take a few to explore our best buds in the Fernway Flower collection from the top growers in the state.


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