Dec 26, 2023

Best Cannabis Flower in Massachusetts

As the purveyors of Massachusetts’ #1 bestselling vape, we understand that quality matters. And like all seasoned consumers, our passion goes beyond vapes into the realm of premium cannabis flower. We curate and sell the best cannabis flower in Massachusetts, and we’re here to tell you why – and the partners we work with to make that possible.

The Fernway Standard

Quality control is the cornerstone of exceptional cannabis. It’s the meticulous process of growing, harvesting, curing, trimming, and packaging that elevates good flower to great. But at Fernway, we go a step further. We understand that even with the best growing practices, the true essence of quality lies in sorting – ensuring that only the best buds, the A-buds, reach you.

Cultivating Excellence with Massachusetts’ Finest Growers

Our journey to bring you the finest flower begins with our partnership with some of the state’s most celebrated cultivators:

  • Bountiful Farms: Masters of genetics and double winners of the Cultivators Cup, their devoted following is a testament to their exceptional quality.
  • Mass Yield: Hyperfocused on quality over quantity, these masterful growers from Pittsfield produce some of the most exquisite small-batch flowers.
  • AMP: Hidden gems from Fitchburg, their award-winning strains are the talk of the town.
  • Trade Roots: Innovative cultivators from Wareham, they grow sought-after cuts under state-of-the-art tunable spectrum lights.
  • High Mark Provisions: This father-son duo in Holliston is known for hunting unique phenotypes and catering to true cannabis aficionados.
  • Rebelle: A woman-owned powerhouse from Northampton, their sustainable methods and high-quality nutrients result in high-testing, terpene-rich craft bud.
  • The Botanist: Their award-winning strains from Sterling are cultivated with precision and care.
  • The Fresh Connection: True craft cultivators who have been growing small-batch indoor flower for decades using locally sourced organic soil.
  • The Heirloom Collective: based in Bernardston, this group boasts an unbeatable rep earned from years of delivering killer genetics and relentless quality.
  • Impressed: Family-owned and operated in Hanson and combines peerless quality control with true homegrown expertise.
  • Mass Alternative Care: Family-owned business in Chicopee and its local artisans produce high-quality, hand-trimmed flower using traditional methods and modern technology to ensure every strain maximizes its genetic potential.

Why Fernway Flower

We meticulously inspect every aspect of the cultivation process. From the spacing between plants to the humidity in grow rooms, the timing of harvest, curing methods, and the final trim – every detail matters.

When you choose Fernway, you’re not just buying cannabis; you’re investing in an experience. Each of our eighths is sealed in a luxurious glass jar with a humidity pack to preserve freshness. You’ll find a customized strain info card in each jar, giving you insights into what you’re about to enjoy. And if you prefer the convenience of a prerolled joint, look no further than Fernway Flower Joints, the best 1-gram joint on the market made with our acclaimed Fernway cone.

Experiencing the Best: The Fernway Way

Imagine coming home after a long day, eager for relaxation. You open a jar of Fernway’s flower, and the aroma of fresh, potent cannabis fills the room. Each bud is a testament to quality – exquisite, resinous, and deeply trichome-laden. The flavor profile is robust, the high is immaculate, and your favorite song just starts playing. This isn’t just any flower; it’s a Fernway flower. Here’s how to store it.

Finding Fernway: Your Guide to Quality

Lost in a dispensary menu? Look to Fernway. Our commitment to quality means you’re getting the best cannabis Mass has to offer, every single time Don’t settle for anything less. Your soul, friends, and wallet will thank you.

At Fernway, we believe in the power of great cannabis. It’s not just about the high; it’s about the experience, the quality, and the satisfaction of knowing you have the best Massachusetts has to offer. Welcome to Fernway, where every bud tells a story the excellence and care that allowed it to make its way to you. Spark up – we’ve got you covered.

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